The Cloud Resolving Model Radar Simulator (CR-SIM) Version 3.3

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Research Data

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radar, simulator, remote sensing, cloud, precipitation


Ground-based observatories use multi-sensor observations to characterize cloud and precipitation properties. A challenge is how to design strategies to best use these observations to understand the atmosphere and evaluate atmospheric numerical prediction models. We developed the Cloud resolving model Radar SIMulator (CR-SIM), which uses output from high-resolution atmospheric models to emulate multi-wavelength, zenith-pointing, and scanning radar observables and multi-sensor (multi-radar and radar-lidar) integrated products. CR-SIM allows comparisons of the same variables between an atmospheric model simulation and remote sensing products using a forward modeling framework consistent with the microphysical assumptions used in the numerical model simulations. CR-SIM is licensed under the GNU GPL package and both the software and the user guide are freely available to scientific community.


A post-processing code that converts model grid coordinate to radar polar coordinate is attached as a supplemental file.