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weather radar, cloud, precipitation, ice precipitation particle growth


Stony Brook Radar Observatory (SBRO) has been in operation since March in 2017 (-73.127E, 40.897N, The flagship radar of SBRO is a very sensitive, sophisticated, and well-calibrated Ka-band (35-GHz) scanning fully-polarimetric radar (KASPR). The radar measurements are complemented by two profiling radar systems operating at W-band (94-GHz, ROGER) and K-band (24-GHz, MRRPro). KASPR, ROGER, and MRRPro at SBRO collected triple frequency data during a snow event on February 20, 2019. Analyses of dual wavelength ratio, mean vertical Doppler velocity, and polarimetric radar variables from the triple frequency measurements can be used to identify ice particle types, distinguish among different ice growth processes, and even reveal additional microphysical details.