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Fall 9-17-2017


writing, fiction, nonfiction, technique, journalism, brevity, thinking, plot, characters, history


As a longtime writing professor, I know a painful truth: High school and college students find most writing textbooks as appealing as a mouthful of sawdust. And no wonder. These books tend to be turgid, dull and uninspiring. But what if there were a lean, lively and inspiring book - an un-textbook, if you will - that taught the fundamentals of writing well in a playful, irreverent voice that spoke to young people? Think of it as a pirate's manifesto on writing well.


This un-textbook is helpful to either aspiring novelists or journalists. It explores the universal techniques used by every successful writer since Pindar and Euripides.

Note: This is an eBook in EPUB file format. Download and read with an eReader device or app.

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