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Female Perspectives on Entrepreneurship and Research How diverse perspectives inspire creativity, drive innovation, and encourage inclusive economic growth
Clovia Hamilton, Elizabeth Dougherty, Amanda Elam, Pamela J. Kalbfleisch, Siri P. Terjesen, and Jennifer L. Woolley


Closing Remarks
Shafeek Fazal and Open Access Symposium Committee: Omni Abdallah, Laura Costello, Shafeek Fazal, Dana Haugh, Kate Kasten, Jennifer Lyon, Brenda Polis, Robert Tolliver, Clara Tran, Darren Chase (Chair)


Open Science and Data Visualization
Clara Tran (Moderator), Darren Chase (Moderator), Sung Gheel Jang, and Kevin McDonnell


Digital Humanities
Kathleen Kasten (Moderator), Jennifer Anderson, and Elyse Graham


At the Intersection of Open Education and Edtech
Laura Costello (Moderator), Brian Sweeting, Emily Gover, and Claudia McGivney


Welcome Opening Remarks
Constantia Constantinou and Chuck Taber


Closing Remarks
Darren Chase


Open + Digital: Humanities & Social Sciences
Victoria Pilato (Moderator), Peg Christoff, Anne Donlon, and Andrew Newman


Open Access Policy & OERs
Shafeek Fazal (Moderator), Mark McBride, Jennifer Kaari, and Darren Chase


Open Sciences & Biomedicine and the Acceleration of Research
Jessica Koos (Moderator), Dr. Chrisa Arcan, Dr. Bruce Demple, and Dr. Thomas Woodson


Welcome Opening Remarks
Constantia Constantinou


Closing Remarks
Victoria Pilato and Darren Chase

*Updated as of 05/17/22.