Global spectral classification of martian low-albedo regions with MGS-TES data

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rogers_et_al_2007_global_TES_spectral_shapes.txt (10 kB)
Regional spectral shapes described in paper

readme.txt (1 kB)
Map description

tyrrhena_8ppd_mola.png (4370 kB)
Tyrrhena Terra 8ppd

syrtis_8ppd_mola.png (4396 kB)
Syrtis Major 8ppd

s_acidalia_8ppd_mola.png (4627 kB)
Southern Acidalia 8ppd

pandorae_8ppd_mola.png (4583 kB)
Pandorae Fretum 8ppd

mare_sirenum_8ppd_mola.png (4386 kB)
Mare Sirenum 8ppd

hesperia_8ppd_mola.png (4399 kB)
Hesperia Planum 8ppd

cimmeria_iapygia_8ppd_mola.png (4472 kB)
Cimmeria-Iapygia 8ppd

aonium_8ppd_mola.png (4437 kB)
Aonium Planum 8ppd

meridiani_8ppd_mola.png (4635 kB)
Sinus Meridiani 8ppd

solis_8ppd_mola.png (4415 kB)
Solis Planum 8ppd

n_acidalia_8ppd_mola.png (4396 kB)
Northern Acidalia 8ppd

rms_8ppd_mola.png (5119 kB)
RMS Error 8ppd