Synthesis Series is a set of contemplative contemporary network arts works for solo, chamber, and large ensemble performance. The works are my compositions and collaborations from the years 2020 to 2022. The concept of synthesis is conceived as an activation of synchrony. Synthesis Series follows my prior works in Synchrony Series and Source Series as sequences of compositions since 1998 proliferating into a networked system of artistic realization. In Synchrony Series I defined synchrony as the perceptual alignment of distributed time and space components. Synthesis builds on this to activate the alignment as a networked state of composite resultants, networked synchrony across realities, transformation of distance, and synthesis activation for healing and transcendence. Synthesis is expressed through the pieces “Integral Infinity” (2021) for large ensemble, “At the Intersection of Eternity and Time” (2021) for solo percussion (collaborative composition with Gerry Hemingway), “Isomorphic Now” (2021) and “Interpolation Space” (2021) for chamber ensembles, and “Duplexity State” (2020) for audiovisual duo (collaborative composition with Daniel Pinheiro).

The artistic and technological strategies for Synthesis Series utilize network arts in concept and in practice. Artistically, the pieces apply composition, improvisation, gestures, and individual performer artistic languages for virtual, hybrid, and in-person settings. The technology strategies for network performance, streaming, and recording include usages of open source technologies JackTrip, Pretty Good JackTrip Toolkit (PGJTT), and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), together with commercial technologies Zoom, Vimeo, and Squarespace.

This essay outlines the Synthesis Series technological context, artistic strategies for the series, details and excerpts for each piece, and new directions for the work, from my perspective as a composer.

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