JONMA is a peer-reviewed open access digital research journal published by Stony Brook University. Network Music and Arts utilize the Internet and related technologies as an artistic medium for works created for this platform. JONMA will publish research by artists, technologists, educators, and related scholars. The journal content will include articles, audio and video documentation, and reviews for books and recordings.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2022)



Sarah Weaver


UnStumm | Augmented Voyage: A Platform for Telematic Live Performances in Augmented Reality
UnStumm UnStumm, Nicola Hein, Claudia Schmitz, and Sven Hahne Hahne


Sarah Weaver, NowNet Arts

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Chris Chafe, Stanford University
Margaret Schedel, Stony Brook University

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Corinna Kirsch