Most Recent Additions*


Labyrinthulomycete Genomes Codon Usage
Joshua Rest and Jackie L. Collier


Identification and quantification of diffuse fresh submarine groundwater discharge via airborne thermal infrared remote sensing
Joseph T. Tamborski, A Deanne Rogers, Henry J. Bokuniewicz, J Kirk Cochran, and Caitlin R. Young


Global spectral classification of martian low-albedo regions with MGS-TES data
Deanne Rogers, Joshua L. Bandfield, and Philip R. Christensen


Morphological, Structural, and Spectral Characteristics of Amorphous Iron Sulfates
Elizabeth Sklute, Heidi Jensen, Deanne Rogers, and Richard Reeder


Neuroimmune and Neuropathic Responses of Spinal Cord and Dorsal Root Ganglia in Middle Age
William Galbavy, Martin Kaczocha, Michelino Puopolo, and Mario Rebecchi


Flavodoxin-Like Proteins Protect Candida albicans from Oxidative Stress and Promote Virulence
Lifang Li, Shamoon Naseem, Sahil Sharma, and James B. Konopka

*Updated as of 04/25/17.